Cat Eye Lenses

Who has no problem with wearing contact lenses and would like to surprise his fellow men at a party, at a carnival or at a family celebration, can mutate contact lenses with cat eyes in the twinkling of an eye to the wild tiger.

A real eye-catcher: Cat's eyes lenses
A small vertical slit is enough to turn a normal human pupil into a sparkling cat's eye. The effect is overwhelming! Contact lenses with a cat's eye motif are based on the eyes of real cats.

One look is enough: Nobody will be able to escape the magic of the moment - cat eyes look mysterious and seductive.

These contact lenses function like normal contact lenses, are simply put on the eye and are suitable for each sex. After all, there are a lot of tomcats that roam the houses in the dark looking for "prey". Those who use Halloween contact lenses are usually on their way to a carnival party or looking for a pretty "cat lady".

Be careful when the claws are extended
Ladies who adorn their eyes with cat-eyed contact lenses have great self-confidence and know what they want. In the rarest cases shy cuddly kittens hide behind such an outfit.

For everyday life, however, such special motif lenses are usually less suitable. In the evening and in the spare time, to the Karneval or with slogan parties colored contact lenses replace nearly the complete costume or represent the ideal rounding of the disguised production.

A cat disguise is not necessary at all. A sexy outfit is enough to enhance the magical effect of cat-eye lenses. The colour of the lenses can be coordinated with the party outfit to achieve the greatest possible effect.

Check the compatibility of the fun contact lenses
Lenses with cat's eyes motive do not differ qualitatively from commercial daily lenses.

However, they do not have a vision regulation and are comparable in their function to glasses with window glass lenses.
The own eye colour is completely covered by the lens.
In the trade there are cat eyes contact lenses in many different colors.
Vision is normally made possible by the slit-shaped, open pupil.

Important to know: Not everyone can tolerate contact lenses. Some people react with watery eyes or inflammations. Nobody wants to see a cat with red eyes. The insertion and carrying also requires some practice. If you are completely untrained, you can get help from an experienced contact lens wearer or an optician on site.

Good hygiene for radiant moments
Even if cat-eyed lenses can be worn like normal contact lenses, they should not be used while driving or at work because the narrow pupil can restrict the field of vision significantly. Motif Contact lenses are reusable, so make sure you buy high quality contact lenses and at the same time get the appropriate contact lens cases and a good cleaning fluid. Cat's eye lenses must always be sterile and clean before use to avoid the risk of infection.