Colored Lenses

Buy coloured lenses at a good price for that certain something
The days of the unit locomotive are over. Now it's time to show your colours! With our color lenses without vision it is easy to change the eye color: from deep red or classic green to neon blue or night black contact lenses to motif lenses that make your eyes a fascinating eye-catcher.

With coloured lenses you can accentuate your own eye colour or you can transform yourself into a completely new type in just a few simple steps. Coloured contact lenses are suitable for the most diverse occasions: no matter whether the coloured lenses are used in everyday life, at parties, carnivals or Halloween, surprise your fellow men with coloured contact lenses!

You can wear our coloured lenses again and again for a year without vision. The high quality of the lenses promises a very good compatibility and long service life. Since the contact lenses are very easy to insert and can be removed again just as easily, the coloured lenses are also suitable for people who do not otherwise wear contact lenses and are therefore perhaps unsure to try any at all.

Before the first application we recommend a compatibility test and a regular control of your eyes by an eye specialist, because our eyes are a very sensitive organ. 

Perfecting the costume with coloured lenses
Color lenses without prescription are perfect for adding the finishing touches to a Halloween or carnival costume. With our extravagant and impressive color lenses and motif contact lenses you can create fun, exciting and intense effects. The other party guests won't be astonished anymore. Especially our Halloween contact lenses with vampire look are more popular than ever due to the increasing popularity of movies and series like Twilight, Vampire Diaries or True Blood. If you want to look like your idols, you can't avoid color lenses.

Radiant UV contact lenses as a party highlight
With UV contact lenses you will become the star of any party and attract the eyes of all others magically. In normal light, your eyes still look everyday, but as soon as the coloured lenses come into contact with black light, your eyes glow like the stars in the night sky. An unforgettable appearance guaranteed! We offer coloured UV contact lenses in a colourful variety: Blue, orange, green, red, yellow, white and with motif.

With coloured contact lenses to intensify the view
Who hasn't wanted to have a different eye color before? People with brown eyes often find their eye colour too boring or people with blue eyes often find their eye colour too pale. With color lenses everyone can fulfill this wish easily.

In our assortment there are annual lenses without eyesight, which look very natural and let everyone believe that it is your real eye color. They are perfectly suitable for everyday use and for a longer, regular wearing time. Our coloured contact lenses, on the other hand, are ingenious and do not necessarily correspond to everyday eye colours.