Green Lenses

Green contact lenses: For a glimpse as from another star
Green eyes have something mythical and catlike about them. With green contact lenses and fun lenses, the iris of the eyes can be particularly emphasized. Especially for carnival or Halloween coloured contact lenses in green help to give the costume that certain something.

Green contact lenses add colour to your life and as a trendy accessory they add the perfect touch to your style. Coloured accents can also be set. Whether for everyday use or for special occasions, in our range you will find the right contact lenses and crazy fun lenses for every taste and every event.

Regular wearers of contact lenses know how sensitive their eyes are and that contact lenses can occasionally irritate and irritate the eyes. That is why we always recommend our customers to carry out a compatibility test. In addition, everyone who wears coloured contact lenses should have their eyes regularly examined by their ophthalmologist. Due to their high quality, our green annual contact lenses are well tolerated and long-lasting.

Green contact lenses: Hypnotic view
Extremely few people in the world have green eyes by nature. Only between two to four, is speculated. In the Middle Ages and the ecclesiastical Inquisition, women were persecuted. Green eyes were connected with the devil as well as demons and were considered uncanny.

Fortunately this is no longer the case: nowadays people with green eyes are considered courageous, passionate, mysterious and freedom-loving. This makes green contact lenses, with or without vision, particularly popular for everyday life, because who wouldn't like to enchant their fellow men with just a charming blink of an eye?

Green contact lenses: Something special for Halloween
An appearance as a Catwoman at the next costume party or at a Halloween party with green contact lenses will be a sure success. With our green fun contact lenses as your cat's eye, you can create a mystical cat's eye that fascinates and hypnotizes other party guests only as they pass by. A sensational appearance is guaranteed with our contact lenses.  

Green contact lenses transform every outfit and costume into a special highlight. A change of type is easy, especially with coloured contact lenses, because with just a few movements the changed eye colour makes a completely new person out of you. Intense green gives your eyes an expressive look and you will hardly be able to save yourself from numerous compliments. Slip into a new role with green contact lenses and secure the attention of your fellow human beings.