Beauty Lenses

Beauty Contact Lenses
Coloured contact lenses bring about an expressive change in your appearance and help to create a completely new optical type. Our eyes contribute significantly to our charisma and effect on other people. In particular, the colour of the eyes determines what impression we make on others and how we are judged. The colour of the eyes is an important factor when it comes to our style and its change. Dates and parties, as well as everyday life, give us reason enough to experiment with our own eye colour.

The eye colour is fixed from birth and usually harmonises with your natural colour type of hair and skin. However, a change of eye color through beauty contact lenses can make you look more exciting and even more attractive, as well as allow a temporary type change. The lenses are therefore ideal for playing with your own optical charisma. Beauty contact lenses completely cover the original eye colour. Thus they also change the colour of very dark eyes. Nevertheless, the result varies depending on the original colour, because the lenses do not appear quite as bright on particularly dark eyes as they do on blue or green eyes.

Colored contact lenses for dark eyes
Colored contact lenses on dark eyes radically change your appearance, because the contrast is particularly expressive. If you naturally have dark eyes in combination with dark hair, the change through coloured contact lenses for dark eyes is very impressive. Because the intense, colored lenses together with dark hair create an enormous tension. When people look you in the eye, they will be amazed at your bright eye color. Our beauty contact lenses for dark eyes strongly cover the natural colour. However, color lenses may not look as bright on very dark eyes as they do on green or blue eyes. Nevertheless, the type change is immense.

Blue contact lenses for brown eyes
Blue eyes sometimes seem cool, distant and mysterious, but can also make you look younger, cuter and more childlike. In any case, blue contact lenses are an exciting eye-catcher for brown eyes, because depending on the color of your skin and hair, other people may perceive them as unexpected. Intense blue contact lenses are the perfect beauty accessory for parties, festivities or everyday life. Blue beauty lenses change your type especially if you normally have brown eyes. Our contact lenses are highly opaque and therefore also change the colour of particularly dark eyes.

Green contact lenses for brown eyes
Green is the rarest and probably also one of the most mysterious eye colours. Green contact lenses for brown eyes radiate something mysterious and very individual. Our Beauty contact lenses in green also cover dark eye colors well and cause a magical type change. Change your style with intensely glowing contact lenses in green, whether at the next theme party or for optical transformations in everyday styling. Green eyes are even more expressive when they harmonize with the colors of clothing or create surprising contrasts. With green eyes you can discover and try out completely new sides of your own style.

Coloured contact lenses for dark eyes
Beauty contact lenses are characterized by their strong covering properties. They hide the original color of the eyes and help you to a completely new color type. Contact lenses colored for dark eyes create interesting optical changes and renew your appearance. Bright eye colors can open the charisma and guarantee you astonished looks. Especially with naturally dark color types, colored eyes create a seductive contrast. An extensive selection of colored beauty lenses allows you to play with your styling and reinvent yourself. The intensity of the color lenses varies - choose between more natural color results and eye-catching color lenses.

Contact lenses for dark eyes
Our beauty contact lenses transform your eye color and thus your complete type. With coloured contact lenses for dark eyes it is very important that the opacity is high. Common contact lenses are more or less transparent, so the natural colour of the eye can sometimes be clearly seen through. The goal of colorful Beauty contact lenses, however, is to allow you an exciting and comprehensive type change. For this purpose our lenses cover the dark eyes in the best possible way. Depending on the initial color of the eyes, however, small variations are possible. The product images give an apt impression of the optical result of the lenses on the eye. However, the colour lenses on particularly dark eyes sometimes do not work as intensively as on the catalogue pictures.