Black Lenses

Black contact lenses: As black and mysterious as the night
Black contact lenses give you a dramatic and extraordinary look. Pure black eyes are like dark stars that capture the light and gaze of others.  Black contact lenses make you look mysterious and enigmatic - but never boring! 

Eyes usually tell a lot about a person and their character. But not with black contact lenses: anyone held captive by your gaze will wonder and wonder what thoughts are hidden behind the mysterious eyes.

Also black contact lenses with the suitable Make-Up can be staged to large ?doll eyes? effectively, which let their opposite only so melt away. No matter which look you prefer for the next costume party - cool, mysterious or sugar sweet - with black contact lenses everything is possible!

Demonically convincing with black contact lenses
Demons are beings surrounded by myths and legends. The belief in evil spirits and demons is as old as mankind itself. Although demons and spirits tend to spread fear and terror, they still fascinate humans.

With the Demon-Style you become the center of every Halloween or costume party and fascinate everyone with your demonic charisma. The fun contact lenses give you an eerie charisma and round off every devilishly good costume perfectly.

Manga Fever with Uchiha-Sasuke Contact Lenses
For many manga and anime fans, dressing up is not just part of Halloween or carnival. The transformation into the favorite comic figure is a hobby and fans make their everyday life more colorful, funny and exciting.  The uniqueness of the Sharingan - known from the world-famous Manga and anime series Naruto - as well as the mix of black and blood red make the Uchiha Sasuke contact lenses one of the most popular cosplay elements.

Anime and manga fans will be weakened by the sight of the Uchiha Sasuke or Anime contact lenses. They transform your eyes and attract the glances magically. Whether you want to perfect your Uchiha clan costume for the next anime covention, recreate a fight scene from Naruto or just shock people on the street, the Uchiha Sasuka contact lenses do everything!

Hypnotic Effect
Hypnosis, conjuring, or just magic? You can create a mysterious look with the spiral or circular contact lenses. No one who looks into your eyes will be able to look away and only wish to follow you.

With these eyes that do not seem to be of this world, you will enchant everyone and become the centre of every (costume) celebration. A perfect accessory for a completely individual look that stands out from the crowd.