Brown Lenses

Natural brown eyes are relatively common compared to blue or green eyes - but nature does not always provide exactly the shade you want. A big advantage of brown contact lenses, however, is their natural effect. Playful details such as a vertical pupil that gives you cat's eyes have a subtle effect and can only be recognised by the ignorant at second glance. In this way, you often only amaze your counterpart in the course of a personal conversation.

Heart warmth that radiates outwards
Brown eyes have a warm appearance. Depending on the shade, the eye colour appears sensual, calming or warm. Especially extras like an unusual pupil shape, glitter or other highlights give the brown contact lenses that certain something.

Dark brown tones often have a sensual and seductive charisma. Many people find brown eyes trustworthy and friendly. With dark brown eyes, however, you can also create a mysterious impression. Light grains also come into their own against a dark background.

Light brown eyes are by nature somewhat rarer than their dark counterparts and therefore a special eye-catcher. In combination with a dark edge around the iris, the colour of the contact lenses is particularly striking. In addition, your eyes can appear optically larger.

Naturally convincing
Coloured contact lenses are often used to leave a special impression. Simple brown contact lenses, on the other hand, radiate a certain naturalness in comparison to radiant colours. Brown contact lenses are an excellent example that coloured contact lenses can be not only bright, but also discreet.

However, if your eyes are naturally bright, brown contact lenses can make an interesting optical difference. The change is very subtle and sometimes just right for intense moments in private.

Cat's eyes and gold sparks: Brown contact lenses with style and humour
In addition to enchanting brown tones that look very natural, you can also enrich your outfit with contact lenses that offer more.

Cat's eyes with a vertical pupil not only radiate youthful charm and underline a playful character - they also remind you of a cat's clever disposition. It is therefore no wonder that viewers often look at such eyes twice.

You will also find brown contact lenses with different patterns. The colour accents are either in different shades of brown or stand out more clearly from the background of the lenses. You can choose between natural grains and unusual patterns: Dots, vertebrae, camouflage and delicate ornaments are just a few examples of what can fit on the small contact lens.