Red Lenses

Demonic fascination with red contact lenses

What once stood for irritated eyes or intolerances has now become a fashionable trend: Wearing red contact lenses. They stand for the courage to be special and not only cause panic. Celebrities often present themselves with this eye-catching accessory and have made the use of these crazy eye-catchers socially acceptable.

Attention through crazy coloured lenses
Accessories are excellent aids to complement your outfit or to set selective highlights. Red coloured lenses have established themselves as a fashion gag and, with their sight, always make a positive impression.

If the lady causes a stir with her glowing eyes or the man expresses his desires with his magic looks, there is often a coloured contact lens behind it.
Red contact lenses can have a beguiling effect. They are perceived as strange and partly erotic and always create a demonic fascination.
Test your attention status with our red coloured lenses.

Tasteful selection
Almost 40 percent of Germans consider it very important that the wardrobe and the accessories match. They already pay attention to this when buying the pieces.
Our red contact lenses are available in various shades, motifs and patterns.
No matter whether you decide for a magical demon look or a glowing flash of flame: Due to our large selection, an optimal adjustment to your clothing is easily possible.

Devilishly good applications for red contact lenses
Most people like to dress up for different occasions. Halloween, carnival and theme parties are festivities that are fantastic for the use of red contact lenses. They add that certain something to your costume.

Here you will find some suggestions from our extensive assortment:

The Red Zombie contact lens completes your undead costume and sends a creepy shiver down your spine.
With the Bloody contact lens your appearance as a bloodthirsty Dracula is perfectly staged.
The devil's contact lens gives your eyes a witty, cheeky expression and complements your costume in a stylish way.

Even when visiting a concert or a hip club, there are sometimes red spots of colour to be discovered in the crowd.
Try it yourself with a glowing UV contact lens. Send a flaming look to a person you are interested in. You will be surprised about the positive resonance regarding your fiery wolf eyes.

Our tip: A stimulating topic of conversation is pre-programmed with the use of your colour lens!

The red contact lenses from our color lens shop are characterized by a high wearing comfort. The soft annual lenses are hardly noticeable even after a few hours of celebration. With their high water content, they are well tolerated and can be used again and again. Simply choose your personal favourite, for