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Colored contact lenses - Many models at
Whether blue, brown or green - with coloured contact lenses you decide for yourself which eye colour best underlines your type. At you will also find a large selection of imaginative motif lenses and lenses in extraordinary colours, which are perfect for costume parties. The colored lenses without vision are of high quality and can be used for up to 12 months. So you can use the coloured lenses for a whole year according to your mood. The coloured lenses are easy to use, so that the use on non contact lens wearers is no problem.

Colored contact lenses in everyday life
Day after day the same eye color is too boring for you? If you also dream of a type change, our coloured contact lenses make it child's play. An iris in light blue or deep green is particularly rare worldwide, but perhaps that's why it's so much in demand. With lens colours such as Springgreen or Skyblue you can change your eye colour to a natural lighter shade. Depending on your mood, you can change from a racy Latina with fiery brown eyes to a Nordic blue-eyed beauty in no time at all. You decide for yourself whether you want to use natural or strikingly radiant colours. Combine the contact lenses to the respective outfit and let your imagination run free. For your fellow men you will become an absolute eye-catcher every day anew.

The highlight of the costume - coloured contact lenses!
The next motto party is coming up and you still have no idea which costume you should choose? Let yourself be inspired by our extraordinary coloured lenses! With contact lenses in black or white you can quickly and effectively enhance your Halloween costume. Turn into a vampire or zombie with white, black or blood red contact lenses. That's how you make others creep! But that's not all: at you'll find a large selection of lenses with motifs or in very special shapes. Whether striped, with motifs like stars or crosses, bloodshot, hypnotic circles, cat pupils and many more - here you will find the right lens for every costume. Complete your outfit with our coloured contact lenses and win the prize for the most extraordinary costume!