White Lenses

White contact lenses for an impressive appearance
Colored contact lists are very popular, so they are the perfect eyecatcher and bring a fantastic transformation effect to Halloween, carnival and other costume parties. Especially white contact lenses are real eye-catchers.

You can quickly and easily transform yourself into a unique mythical creature and give your costume the perfect finishing touch. Plus, the bright white of the contact lenses makes the eyes shine and emphasizes the black of the pupil as the original eye color is completely covered. An overwhelming and breathtaking appearance is guaranteed with white contact lenses!

Mysterious cat eyes with white contact lenses
Already in ancient Egypt, people were fascinated by the eyes of cats and even today, nothing has changed in the fascination. With white contact lenses in cat eye style you can also conjure up this captivating and intense look and with the right make-up your eyes will become a unique eye-catcher that no one can resist. The ideal Halloween contact lenses - A look full of magic and a touch of mystery guaranteed!

Motif Lenses: "Look me in the eye, little one"
The pure coloured lenses in white alone are a real eye-catcher. If you want to express yourself individually in fashion, you should take a look at the different motif lenses. So you are guaranteed to be the centre of attention!

With white contact lenses with star motif, the celestial bodies sparkle not only on the night firmament but also in your eyes. So you are the "star" at every party!
Who wants to live his football passion not only with the jersey of his favorite team, has the possibility with white coloured lenses with football motive of the whole world with only one look to confess his football love!
Animalprints are not only special fashion highlights, but are also especially good as a motif for contact lenses. White contact lenses and black highlights blend into a trendy zebra motif. With just one look into your eyes, you are transported into the vastness of the African steppe and feel the wildness of the African animal world.

Zombie - supernatural and creepy
Already in 1983 Pop-King Micheal Jackson transformed himself into a zombie in his music video "Thriller" and also zombie movies and series have enjoyed great popularity for decades. So it's no wonder that many want to turn into a "living dead" on Halloween or carnival. Your costume gets the perfect touch with white zombie contact lenses with a red border. Anyone who looks into your eyes will freeze with fear and won't be able to avert their gaze. Beautifully creepy and supernatural creepy!