Sharingan Lenses

Naruto is one of the most successful manga series from Japan. Since 1999 the stories of the Japanese Mangaka Masashi Kishimoto have been published worldwide, now also as anime series. Manga and anime fans play stories or incorporate interesting details into their daily lives. Sharingan contact lenses give everyone the ninja look in a very simple way.

The special eye of the Uchiha clan with Sharingan lenses
Ninjas, "hidden" in German, are partisan fighters in pre-industrial Japan. Spying and spying are among the tasks of these warriors, whose tradition in Japan goes back several centuries. In the Japanese manga Naruto the growing up Ninja Naruto Uzumaki is the title hero. On his way to becoming the supreme ninja of his village, the readers can follow him and his adventures. Each character of the manga heroes has different fighting skills depending on his origin and his ability. Some Ninja clans are said to have special characteristics, called Kekkei Genkai, which only exist in their bloodlines. The Uchiha clan has the Sharingan. This is an impressive pupil technique where the iris and pupil of the ninja eye can change colour and move. If you have such an eye, you will be able to recognize the activities and techniques of other ninja warriors. The Sharingan Uchiha contact lens or the Mangekyou Sharingan contact lens are effective representatives of the Sharingan contact lenses.

Experience the power of Naruto's eyes
With the Sharingan Naruto contact lenses there is the fantastic world of ninja heroes as an experience for everyone. Once be a powerful ninja fighter of the Uchiha clan who has the ability to impress his opponents at a glance is possible thanks to Sharingan lenses.

For fans of the Naruto stories, it's almost obligatory to appear at fan meetings and sessions in the outfits of the Manga stars. Each character of the series characters has different abilities and pupil motifs. The Sharingan Eye glows in red-black, even at the higher level than Mangekyou. This further development is even stronger and stands out by merging into a new form, the Tomoe symbol. Kakashi, one of the main heroes of Naruto's stories, is a much sought-after and respected character among Japanese comic book fans with his Sharingan, and can be ideally emulated with the Sharingan Kakashi´s Mangekyou contact lens.

Ninja styling with high-quality contact lenses
Connoisseurs of the Naruto scene worship the Rinnegan, the reincarnation eye. Those whose eyes are equipped with this ability can rise to become the peace-giving creator or the destroying destroyer. A Naruto motif contact lens gives the eye the spectacular ring pattern. Note that contact lenses for manga eye styling are not available in all diopters.

Sharingan contact lenses without vision can also be worn in combination with corrective glasses or sunglasses. On bright pupils the colours and patterns of Naruto contact lenses stand out particularly well, but the effects of ninja warriors are also visible on dark pupils. Soft lenses are preferred for daily use, with the lenses removed from the eye while sleeping.

Sharingan contact lenses: impress with glowing eyes
Fans of Japanese mangas and animes style their outfits like the heroes in Naruto's stories. With Sharingan contact lenses there is a simple, very effective way to make your eyes shine like a ninja. Colors, patterns and shapes correspond to those of the characters in the manga. Thus the wearers of the lenses bring Japanese ninja power into European everyday life.