Cosplay Lenses

Large iris, slit pupils, pink iris, a corona of purple and green around the pupil - there is nothing that does not exist. If eyes look so unusual, then you are either in a manga or anime or at cosplay.

Manga, anime, cosplay - Spanish villages?
Most adults are likely to go this way, unless they have studied Japanology or teenagers in the immediate family circle. When young people wear strange costumes and wigs, walk around with foam weapons and move strangely, they are often fans of Japanese comics.

The drawn stories are about legendary characters who save the world, about fighting, love, heartache and friendships. Everything that makes a good story. When such a comic is filmed (Batman and Spider Man were originally comics as well), it's called anime in Asia.

And when young people dress like their heroes from the stories and meet in appropriate disguise, it's called cosplay. This Japanese popular culture has been on the rise in Germany for more than fifteen years and the corresponding costumes and anime contact lenses are available in stores here.

The beginnings lay with Dragon Ball
Some of the young at heart may still remember: years ago the series Dragon Ball was shown on German television. In translation, of course. Then came Sailor Moon, One Piece, Mila Superstar and Conan. Meanwhile the series are called something different, today's teenagers are inspired by Naruto, Pokemon and Berserk.

However, not all series invite you to dress up: Especially the characters from Naruto are suitable for anime lenses, because they are especially imaginative. And to be honest: Naruto is cult! The manga of the series has been published since 1999, the series is known worldwide, translated into different languages and is expected to end in 2014. The anime version has been running since 2002, and Naruto has also been on German television since 2006.

Anime contact lenses complete the look
Manga fans usually put a lot of effort into their disguise. There is little in the shops, most of it has to be custom-made and is homemade accordingly. The corresponding accessories require a lot of effort. There are wigs, but dyed human hair is more comfortable to wear and easier to style. Make-up must be applied, and yes, of course the eyes are also adjusted.

The classic manga contact lens is bigger than normal contact lenses, the iris looks so bigger - just like the cartoon characters. And anime lenses stick to the designs of the original: white iris with black pattern, red-black flamed iris or plain purple with black grain is normal with manga contact lenses. The look is impossible without lenses. Also the Sharingan contact lenses promise an artistic effect.

Anime lenses: Not only for carnival!
Of course it makes sense to be dressed up for carnival. But Manga fans want more - once a year is not enough. Anime contact lenses can be worn more than once. Who goes out in the evening and looks for the special look, but does not want to attract attention by colorful clothes, is well advised with anime lenses. These are special effects that always go down well. And of course also when an event is on the agenda, such as a manga or anime convention.