Carnival Lenses

Carnival contact lenses: The best seller for the next carnival party!
They put the finishing touches on a costume, provide for admiring looks and increase the flirt factor. Here we offer you a small selection of ideas and tips for buying contact lenses for carnival.

Witch costumes are popular classics at carnival celebrations and theme parties. With a pointed hat, a long cape and of course the obligatory broom, the costume is not yet complete: It is only perfected by black contact lenses, which attract attention and give friends and acquaintances goose bumps.

The same applies to the devil's or demon's costume: a red cape and horns are the basis, while red carnival lenses frighten old and young. For the gruesome zombie, white lentils are excellent, but they also go very well with vampire costumes.

If you want to show up as a cat at a carnival or Halloween party, you'll find yellow-black motif lenses or cat-eye contact lenses, which are particularly suitable in combination with black make-up eyes.

Carnival contact lenses: become a fantasy in the twinkling of an eye
At the latest since "Lord of the Rings" also fabulous fantasy creatures like elves and orcs are very popular with party lovers.

With a figure-hugging costume with a slight shimmer, the elf appears particularly delicate and fragile. Transparent bell sleeves lend the dress a mystical touch, and of course a floral hair wreath is also a must. After all, the icing on the cake are the white-blue carnival lentils, which provide a slightly enraptured, elfish look.

For the orc costume, however, a horror mask is essential. However, this mask loses its horror when human eyes look through it. The remedy is carnival contact lenses in red, yellow, black or a dark combination of colors.

Important tips for motive lenses for carnival
Motif lenses are available with or without prescription. As a rule, the eye colour of the iris is completely covered, while the pupil remains free to allow unrestricted vision.

The carnival annual lenses can be used as often as desired over a period of up to twelve months, provided that basic hygienic rules are observed. For example, the lenses must be stored in a special storage liquid between wear periods in order to avoid damage and contamination. If you have no experience with wearing contact lenses, you should first consult your optician and be instructed in the correct use of the lenses in order to avoid possible eye infections.

Enhancing a costume with carnival contact lenses
If a costume is perfected with carnival contact lenses, it looks particularly realistic. With carnival contact lenses carnival and party lovers can give their outfit the final touch. The selection of lenses is huge and ranges from models in bright colours to cat's eyes to a beguiling vampire look, so that there is something suitable for every occasion and every taste.