Carnival Lenses: Your Key to an Unforgettable Carnival Adventure.

Welcome to the Farblinsen Shop by aricona, where we take you on an exciting journey into the world of carnival and Fasnet! As one of the leading providers of colored contact lenses, we offer you a wide selection of Carnival Contact Lenses to elevate your carnival costume to a whole new level. Immerse yourself in the dazzling world of carnival and discover how our Carnival Contact Lenses add the perfect finishing touch to your look.

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Carnival, Fasching, and Jäcken: The Colorful Diversity of Karneval


Carnival, also known as Fasching, Fasnet, or Jecken (in Kölsch), is a time of exuberant celebration, creativity, and fun. Celebrated in different regions in diverse ways, all carnival festivities have one thing in common: colorful and imaginative costumes! Whether you dress up as a colorful clown, mysterious vampire, or fairytale princess, our Carnival contact lenses perfectly complement your costume and give you the unique expression you desire for your carnival adventure.

Costumes for Every Taste

Our Color Contact Lens Shop offers a wide range of colored contact lenses for all carnival enthusiasts. Whether you seek a funny, romantic, spooky, or glamorous outfit, you'll find it with us.

Carnival Lenses: The Finishing Touch for Your Look

Once you've chosen your carnival costume, it's time to complete your look with our Carnival contact lenses. Specially designed to immerse you fully into your character, our colorful and creative contact lenses offer options such as glowing cat eyes for a mysterious allure, sparkling effect lenses for a magical presence, or colorful patterned lenses for a captivating gaze. With our Carnival contact lenses, your carnival costume will gain a special touch.

The Tradition of Carnival: Celebrating Joie de Vivre

Carnival has a long tradition dating back to the Middle Ages. Celebrated in many cultures as a festivity before the fasting period, it symbolizes bidding farewell to winter and welcoming spring. It is a time of joyous celebration, dressing up, and coming together. During carnival, social norms are overturned, hierarchies are dissolved, and a jubilant atmosphere welcomes everyone with open arms.

Comfort: Celebrate Unburdened with Our Carnival Lenses 

Our Carnival contact lenses not only impress with their appearance but also offer a high level of comfort. Made from high-quality materials with excellent oxygen permeability, they ensure a pleasant wearing experience throughout the carnival festivities. Our comprehensive instructions for handling and care ensure that you can plunge into your carnival costume carefree.

Explore More Possibilities with Our Other Categories

Our Color Contact Lens Shop offers not only Carnival contact lenses but also many other exciting categories to perfect your look:

UV Contact Lenses: Dive into the world of black light and experience breathtaking glowing effects with our UV contact lenses. Perfect for raves, festivals, or themed parties, these lenses will make you the shining highlight.

Animal Contact Lenses: Transform into your favorite animal and impress with vivid animal motifs that add a special charm to your appearance.

Sclera Contact Lenses: For those looking to leave an unforgettable impression, our sclera contact lenses offer unique designs that cover your entire eye and create astonishment.

Cat Eye Contact Lenses: Emphasize your eyes in a seductive way with our cat eye contact lenses, giving your gaze a magnetic allure.

White Contact Lenses: Turn your eyes into eerie white orbs with our white contact lenses, perfect for zombie and ghost costumes.

Black Contact Lenses: Accentuate your eyes and give your look a mysterious and seductive touch with our black contact lenses.

Experience a colorful world of contact lenses and find the perfect addition for your individual carnival adventure.


By the way, are you just celebrating and have no idea what Carnival actually is? Here are the answers to your questions:

What is Carnival?

Carnival, also known as Fasching or Fasnet, is a tradition-rich and exuberant festive season celebrated in various regions of Germany and other countries. Carnival usually begins on November 11th at 11:11 a.m. and reaches its peak during the "fifth season" between Weiberfastnacht (Women's Carnival) and Rosenmontag (Rose Monday). It is a time of joyful celebration, dressing up, and reversing social norms.

Carnival in Different Regions

Carnival is celebrated in different forms across Germany, with each region having its own traditions and customs:

Cologne Carnival: The Cologne Carnival is one of the most famous and largest carnival celebrations worldwide. The "Jecken" (Cologne dialect for jesters) take over the city for a few days. The highlight is the Rose Monday parade, where colorful floats, dance groups, and music bands parade through the streets.

Mainz Carnival: In Mainz, "Fastnacht" (as carnival is called here) is celebrated with humor and political satire. The Fastnacht season culminates on Rose Monday with a parade through the city center.

Düsseldorf Carnival: In Düsseldorf, the focus is on the Rose Monday parade, featuring a variety of colorful floats and costumed marchers, creating a cheerful atmosphere.

Swabian-Alemannic Fasnet: In southern Germany, Fasnet is celebrated with numerous traditional events, including parades, masquerade balls, and gatherings of "Narren" (fools).

Rhineland Carnival: In many cities along the Rhine River, carnival is celebrated in a similar manner, with parades, costume balls, and joyous festivities.

Know-It-All FAQ

Why do we celebrate Carnival? Carnival has historical roots in ancient pagan and Christian customs. It is a time of joyous celebration before the beginning of Lent, during which people revel before dedicating themselves to a period of abstinence.

Why do people dress up during Carnival? Dressing up is one of the oldest traditions of Carnival. By wearing costumes and masks, people can temporarily assume different roles, feel free from their everyday duties, and forget their worries.

What role do contact lenses play in Carnival? Carnival contact lenses are an essential part of many costumes and help complete the transformation into various characters. With colored, themed, and imaginative contact lenses, carnival-goers can draw attention to their eyes and add the finishing touch to their look.

Are there special contact lenses for Carnival? Yes, there is a wide selection of Carnival contact lenses specially designed for this joyous festivity. From glowing UV contact lenses to sparkling effect lenses, they offer countless possibilities to immerse yourself in the world of Carnival.