Sclera Lenses

Sclera Contact Lenses - For the perfect appearance at the next party
Nowadays it is no longer so easy to attract attention. When it comes to hairstyles, make-up or styling, there are no limits to your creativity and to stand out from the crowd can be a big challenge. Especially when it comes to events such as carnival, Halloween or theme parties, it is particularly difficult not to drown in the colourful, shrill crowd. So if you want to be the star of the next party, you need more than an extravagant outfit and elaborate hairstyling.

Convince with a special contact lens 
Hardly anything leaves a greater impression on a person than looking into the eyes of the other person. We all look a stranger in the eye first when we want to get an impression of him or her. If a person's eyes appear unusual or even strange, we cannot turn our gaze away so quickly and are spellbound by the effect of this person.

If you want to give your costume the final touch and put your appearance in the centre of an event, you can do this with the coloured contact lenses at Especially the Sclera contact lenses have an especially intensive effect, because the lenses have an especially large diameter and optically enlarge your iris.

So the next costume party can come and you are well prepared for every occasion. The Sclera lenses shine in many colors and have numerous motifs, so you have a combination solution in the form of outfit and styling accessory.

Motif lenses for every occasion
We offer a wide range of Sclera contact lenses and you will find the right contact lens for every costume:

Mini Sclera Black : The Black Sclera contact lenses give your eyes a particularly sinister expression because they are deep black and make your eyes look demonic and like they come from another world.
Sclera Black 22mm: The full-shell Sclera contact lens is the creepiest we have to offer and covers the eye almost completely with its 22mm.
Mini Sclera Zombie Night: This white Sclera lens is surrounded by a bright red ring, which is speckled blood red and further enhances the creepy effect.
So you see, the Sclera contact lenses have the power to turn you into a being of a different star and that much more effectively than a costume could do. Transform yourself into a creature of the night or add value to your animal costume - decide what effect you want to create with your gaze and we have the matching Sclera lenses.

Sclera Contact Lenses - Quality matters
Our eyes belong to the most sensitive organs of our body and for this reason you will find only high-quality lenses, which allow the highest wearing comfort and nestle perfectly to the eye. Sclera contact lenses are particularly soft and still feel comfortable even after hours of wearing. The lenses are available without strength and best of all, they are annual lenses that you can use again and again. Of course you will also find the right combination solution for your Sclera lenses in our contact lens accessories category, as well as lens containers or complete travel cases.

Trap on - always and at any time
Who says Sclera contact lenses can only be used for costume parties? You can also be sure of their charisma in everyday life at any time. The looks of all people around you are magically attracted by your eyes and in combination with the everyday outfit the effect of the lenses unfolds even more intensively. Use the contact lenses and be the center of attention wherever you are. Because Sclera lenses are not only high quality but also cheap, you don't have to limit yourself to a single pair and you can get a whole collection of fancy fun contact lenses.

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