Special "Moments" with Fun Lenses

With fashionable clothing, we can change our appearance individually. Depending on our mood and the occasion, we choose our outfits and delight in the occasional new piece. Our eyes, however, are not interchangeable. But with the use of Fun contact lenses, transforming our personal "moments" becomes a breeze.

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The Outfit Comparison - Fun lenses

People enjoy celebrations as they bring variety into life. Going out with friends and acquaintances is also a popular leisure activity. More than a third of young people gather in groups of more than five before such events. Therefore, comparing who has the most fantastic outfit is always an exciting question. Nobody wants to be left behind and naturally thinks about it beforehand.

Fun contact lenses are an easy-to-handle and impactful idea to set trendy accents. With them, you can showcase your stylish taste among your friends.

Popular uses for Fun lenses

Themed parties are highly popular, and costumes take the spotlight. By using Fun contact lenses, you have the opportunity to creatively alter your eyes and match your costume.

Here are some examples from our range that will make your disguise stand out:

The skull contact lens has an appropriate motif and enhances your pirate costume authentically. The moon or star contact lens gives your costume as a wizard or magician the right expression. You'll have a fun and cheerful appearance with the smiley contact lens.

Dancing in the disco and meeting nice people - for many, this is a way to relax and leave everyday life behind. Of course, everyone wants to look good and stand out from the crowd with their appearance.

Eyes that glow in the dim atmosphere or a sun that beams at others: these are just two of the many effects that can be effortlessly achieved with the use of Fun contact lenses.

Are damages to be feared from wearing them?

Fun contact lenses are a fashionable accessory, not suitable for long-term wear. However, they are safe for temporary use. Still, we recommend a compatibility check before the first application and regular eye check-ups with an optician or ophthalmologist.

For safety reasons, refrain from using patterned or themed contact lenses while driving. However, Google is currently working on "smart contact lenses" designed to lower blood sugar levels (source).

Soft lenses, like the ones we offer in our range, provide a comfortable wearing experience. They are less perceived as foreign objects in the eyes and are well-suited for occasional use.

Our tip: For people with vision problems, we offer Fun contact lenses with prescription. Look for the appropriate notice for each product.

Our colored lens shop offers a wide selection of Fun contact lenses. Choose your favorite pieces for your personal occasion. We exclusively carry high-quality yearly lenses at affordable prices.