UV Lenses

With us you will find a large assortment of UV contact lenses

Nowadays it is not easy to attract attention. Some people try a new hairstyle, others use eye-catching clothes and others rely on extreme body jewellery. If you like to be the center of attention and enjoy the attention of your fellow human beings, then you do not necessarily have to resort to radical means. Especially in the environment of black light there is no accessory that can achieve a better effect than UV contact lenses. 

With our motif lenses you can achieve a resounding effect that can be reversed in a few seconds. Our non-starch UV contact lenses turn a party outfit into a highlight, which even in our crazy times will cause admiration and amazement.

With UV contact lenses you are always the centre of attention.
With our UV contact lenses you are the star at every party. We have a large selection of UV contact lenses with motifs that start to glow in black light and turn your eyes into two shining stars that cast a spell over everyone else. Even without black light, your gaze gets an intensity that is second to none and gives you a radiance that no one can escape. This means that you are not only dependent on UV light and can stage a great performance at any time.

Depending on the occasion, the UV colour lenses offer exciting contrasts to the other outfit. Whether the UV contact lens in white, which corresponds to the white teeth and for example a white T-shirt produces a triad, or green UV color lenses, which one underlines with a striking UV eye make-up.

The soft contact lenses are available in different colours and with different motifs - so you don't have to restrict yourself and can find the right lenses for every party outfit.

Let your gaze shine and stand out at any time.
The eyes are the mirrors of the soul and can be communicated through looks almost as well as with words. With the UV contact lenses in our online shop, your eyes radiate something strange that confuses your fellow human beings and makes it difficult for them to turn their eyes away from you. If you are in an environment with black light, the full potential of motif lenses will be revealed.

Under UV light, your eyes will glow in a vibrant and unfamiliar hue. Whether with or without black light - the UV contact lenses ensure you the full attention of your fellow men at any time and move you into the center of each party.

UV contact lenses at farblinsen-shop.com - high-quality and durable
These special contact lenses are high quality annual lenses. They are available without strength and are very soft. Due to the high water content of 42 percent, they always feel pleasant on the eye and do not dry out so quickly. Our lenses are also suitable for all those who have not yet worn contact lenses.

The lenses can be inserted and removed quickly and easily. Our UV contact lenses are the perfect companions in nightlife and represent stylish and effective accessories with which you will set new trends.  

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