Animal Lenses

Animal costumes are always very popular at carnivals, Halloween and theme parties. But leopards, cats, dragons and snakes only look really realistic when the eyes are styled according to the costume. This is especially easy with animal contact lenses.

Transform with animal lenses into tiger, cat & Co.
No carnival or Halloween, where you can't see one or the other cat costume. However, in the rarest cases the costume is perfected with cat eyes contact lenses, which provide for impressive and expressive eyes.

Animal contact lenses that resemble cat's eyes come in a variety of colors, from blue to green to bright red. They are particularly effective when the eye area is also suitably made up, for example with a deep black border or as "Smokey Eyes". The cat costume looks particularly sexy and is guaranteed to attract admiring looks.

The same applies to the big relatives of the cat, the tiger or also the leopard. Black-and-white lenses or the leopard contact lens go very well with the leopard costume, while orange contact lenses are the right addition to the tiger costume.

Crows, reptiles and fantasy animals
Besides big and small cats also bird costumes are very popular for various occasions. Here the eyes are especially important to create a realistic overall impression. The dark, mysterious aura that sometimes surrounds crows can be particularly well imitated with the help of yellow crows' eyes. The same applies to the special eyes of reptiles, such as snakes or lizards.

Green animal eyes contact lenses are also fascinating and make the snake costume a great eye-catcher at any party. Those who prefer fantasy creatures will make the right choice with a dragon costume. The dragon costume comes into its own when the eyes are fitted with light green-black contact lenses, which give the costume the finishing touch.

Contact lens motif: worth knowing and tips
Animal eye contact lenses are available with or without prescription, so they can also be worn as a temporary replacement for glasses or conventional contact lenses. As a rule, these are annual lenses which can be used as often as desired over a period of up to twelve months. However, since contamination increases the risk of painful eye infections, important hygienic rules must be observed, such as storage in a special storage liquid. In addition, the hands must also be thoroughly cleaned before inserting lenses with animal motifs.

In case of doubt, contact lens novices should have an optician instruct them in the correct handling of the lenses and have their tolerance for wearing the lenses checked beforehand.

Animal contact lenses for every occasion and taste
Contact lenses with an animal motif are a simple and inexpensive way to create particularly realistic costumes for carnival, Halloween or the next theme party. The selection of lenses is now very large, so everyone can find exactly the lenses that perfectly match the costume.