Lens case & solution

Contact Lens Accessories
As practical as contact lenses may be, the costly care can quickly deter. Because the care must take place reliably, so that no germs can multiply on the lens. The permeability of the lens decreases, the eye becomes irritated and feels dry. In order to avoid unwanted side effects, the right contact lens accessories are indispensable.

Why is contact lens care so important?
Germs can settle on contact lenses. If these are not removed, deposits can adhere to the lens surface and lead to reduced wearing comfort over time. There is also an increased risk of infection.

Storage solution
Contact lenses should be removed from the eyes in the evening before bedtime. This will allow the eyes to recover overnight. During this time, the lenses should be cleaned of residues and dirt particles.

In addition to cleaning, it is also necessary to store the lenses in a suitable solution. In principle, solutions without the addition of preservatives are recommended, as these are more compatible.

A Hyaluron care solution is only suitable for short-term storage and does not replace cleaning and disinfection. Lenses that are not worn for long periods of time must be checked regularly and refilled with storage solution. Even if contact lenses are worn and cleaned daily, they should always be kept in fresh solution.

Why should contact lenses not be cleaned with tap water?
Water contains chlorine, minerals and dirt particles. These can damage both the contact lenses and the eyes. Above all, however, germs can lead to serious eye infections.

Storage container for contact lenses
An important accessory for contact lenses is the storage box. This is where the lenses are stored when not in use. Storage containers are made of plastic and consist of two chambers with lids. These are marked with an R (right) and L (left) so that the lenses are not swapped.

The storage containers are easy to clean and very practical. However, the containers must be well cared for so that no germs can develop.

After each removal of the lenses, rinse the container thoroughly with hot tap water or care solution. Only the care solution ensures sterile cleaning.
Then let the container dry in the air and do not rub it out with a towel.
As soon as the can is dry, it should be closed so that no dust particles settle and later damage the lenses.
Innovative are containers with antibacterial silver ion coating. Thanks to antimicrobial substances, such a lens container is resistant to microorganisms and offers maximum hygiene. To facilitate the storage of contact lenses, there are practical contact lens cases with a tag function. The container is clicked into a frame with a tag. So the lenses can be taken everywhere. A sturdy case makes storage particularly easy when travelling. Here all contact lens accessories are ready to hand. The case contains a large mirror, a lens case, bottles for care products and a pair of tweezers as an insertion aid.

With the right care, wearing natural contact lenses, colour lenses and coloured contact lenses with strength is unproblematic. Certainly the expenditure is larger, than with eyeglasses, but everyone which does not want to do without contact lenses can integrate the care without further in the everyday life.