Halloween Lenses

Halloween Contact Lenses - Creepy Horror Lenses for Her and Him
Since Halloween is also celebrated in Germany on the night of November 1st, many fans of the American creepy night come up with the craziest disguises. To ward off the "evil spirits", it's best to use zombie, vampire or witch costumes that look particularly scary with matching contact lenses for Halloween!

We'll give you the ultimate creative tips on how to use such horror contact lenses!

The undead are coming - cool zombie costumes with matching Halloween lenses
When you think of Halloween, you inevitably think of figures who have "awakened" from the realm of the dead and who make the streets unsafe at night. Zombies are known mainly from cult films such as "Night of the Living Dead", where the bloodthirsty creatures search for the next victim with an empty gaze.

Nowadays, costume shops offer matching zombie costumes with which you can transform yourself into one of these creatures without much effort: Here you can find bloodstained and torn clothes, wild zombie wigs and really nasty looking zombie masks.

But you'll be especially creepy only with Halloween contact lenses in zombie look and different colors:

Halloween Zombie Contact Lens in white
Red Zombie Contact Lens
Yellow Zombie Contact Lens
That's how they make you shiver!

Magical scary witches and wizards
A wicked witch or wizard is a must at any Halloween party! To portray a black magician, choose a dress of velvet and fishnet. With creepy details like fake spiders, bats or "witch's claws" made of plastic the outfit will be spiced up as well as with cool horror lenses that will make your fellow human beings fear.

Choose, for example, poison green Halloween contact lenses or lenses with a matching motif, such as a spider's web.
These contact lenses are also perfect for an evil magician. For example, you can wear a floor-length robe, a white beard and a frock under which you hide your face.
If your eyes come out at the party, they glow in a terrible red or deep purple, so that the other guests shudder.
Shockers from the Underworld - Vampires and Demons
Since movies like "Twilight" vampires have been among the most popular Halloween characters, of course. Wear a classic black and red Dracula costume with a cape and combine it with white or light blue Halloween contact lenses. A vampire wig in baroque style, "dangerous" vampire teeth and a little artificial blood in the corners of your mouth are not to be missed.

A female vampire simply looks scary and beautiful in a floor-length dress: Gathers, velvet, lace and a corset complete the romantic creepy disguise. But when the blood-red eyes of the vampire countess shine in the moonlight, which you can easily conjure up with Halloween lenses, the whole thing doesn't seem so romantic anymore!

Even as a demon, he or she always cuts a fine figure on Halloween. Here the specialized trade offers for example creepy masks and costumes, which look naturally only with horror lenses really creepy. Choose for example contact lenses with yellow-red "fire circle" or coloured UV contact lenses, which shine in the dark and increase the shock effect again!

On Halloween risk a "creepy" look
No matter which outfit you choose for the Halloween night: Only with the right horror contact lenses will the costume have a particularly "lifelike" effect. For example, dress up as a zombie with bloodshot eyes or as a vampire with an ice-cold look. An impressive appearance at the next Halloween party is guaranteed!