Crazy Lenses

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the most beautiful view in the whole country? Contact lenses with motifs are a real eye-catcher and guarantee to spice up every costume - no matter if it's a carnival or a motto party.

Motive contact lenses make simply fun
In order to stand out positively from the "competition" at carnival and other events with costumes, you have to come up with something special. Crazy contact lenses make a fancy outfit complete. The whole look becomes so individual and unmistakable, admiring looks are guaranteed. It is best to use the lenses before applying make-up and give the eyes a little time to get used to the new and unusual feeling. If no tears come and nothing pinches, the make-up can be applied and the party can start. Since the fun lenses usually come without strength, they are suitable for people with good vision as well as for people who wear glasses. The vision aid can simply be worn in addition. If you have any questions about the use of motif lenses, opticians or ophthalmologists will be happy to help you with their know-how.

With motive contact lenses there are no limits to the imagination.
Whether sun, moon or stars, spirals and other graphic patterns, football or devil motif - with contact lenses with motif there is nothing that does not exist. Depending on the costume, you can find the right lens to add the finishing touches to the look. Despite all the fun you have with the unusual colours and patterns, one thing should not be forgotten: Most Crazylentils have only a very small artificial pupil. Depending on the motif, for example in cat's eyes, the field of vision can be extremely restricted. This means that the fun lenses are not suitable for road traffic. But who wants to celebrate properly, leaves the car anyway at home and changes to public transport or a taxi.

What to consider when wearing fun contact lenses
Although contact lenses with motifs are generally easy to use and in principle suitable for everyone, some aspects should be taken into account to ensure hygiene and safety when wearing them. Hand washing is mandatory before inserting and removing the lenses. If the lenses are soiled by make-up residues, they must be cleaned by hand, for example under running water. The contact lens storage solution must be replaced after each use. Even if it is tempting: Motif lenses should never be exchanged with friends, there is a high risk of infection. Another important point when using coloured and patterned lenses is the wearing time. The accessory for the eye is only intended for short-lived pleasures and should not be worn all night long. If the party lasted a little longer than planned and the contact lenses cannot be easily removed, eye drops will help. With a sterile tear substitute, the lost fluid is replaced and it is easy to remove.

A very special moment thanks to motif lenses
If you want to attract attention in the fifth season, on Halloween or at parties, you can do this easily with fun contact lenses. There really is a great selection of motifs for every taste and every occasion. Fun guaranteed!