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aricona hydrogel contact lenses

With aricona contact lenses, you will only receive annual lenses of high quality.

These naturally coloured contact lenses are a real feast for the eyes. Wearing these coloured lenses guarantees admiring glances. Enchant your surroundings with a new eye colour or an intensified eye colour and harvest compliments for your perfectly coordinated make-up. Brown contact lenses have a harmonious effect and match every hair colour and outfit.

The soft contact lenses are easy to insert and remove with a little practice. The multilingual instructions that come with each package explain the individual steps of the application and facilitate initial use.

aricona coloured lenses are annual lenses with high wearing comfort

When you wear these special annual lenses, the interplay of the two colours brown and orange creates a beautiful colour combination that gives your eyes even more brilliance and intensity. The high quality of the annual lenses and the high water content ensure hours of carefree wearing without the lenses feeling uncomfortable. The coloured contact lenses can be used again and again for a year if they are carefully cared for. Ensure a perfect appearance and ideal eye make-up at any time with coloured lenses.

Orange Lilly contact lenses are suitable for:

  • brown eyes
  • light eye colours
  • dark eye colours

Special features:

  • Coloured contact lenses of aricona made of hydrogel in a warm brown tone. The 12 - monthly disposable lenses have a great colour especially on brown eyes
  • With these natural coloured contact lenses you order soft annual lenses in aricona brand quality
  • The brown contact lenses are suitable for light and medium brown eye colours
  • Discover a new beauty tool with aricona hydrogel contact lenses and add highlights to your make-up
  • Intensify and brighten your own eye colour with coloured lenses
  • Comfort: particularly pleasant wearing comfort. The coloured lenses are hardly noticeable on the eyes
  • Soft hydrogel contact lenses suitable for small and large eyes

product features:

  • Diameter / DIA value: 14.20 mm
  • radius of curvature / B.C: 8.60°
  • Water content: 42%.
  • Material: Hydrogel
  • Material property: soft
  • strength / dioptres: 0.00
  • Useful life: 12 months

Scope of delivery:

  • 2 pieces (1 pair) 12-month contact lenses without prescription
  • Detailed, multilingual supplement with all important information with instructions for first use and explanation of how to insert the lenses

The eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of the body. We therefore recommend a tolerance test and regular eye and contact lens checks by your ophthalmologist before the first application.

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