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SALE contact lenses Wear coloured contact lenses - for special effects

If you love variety and change your outfits and make-up all the time, then our coloured contact lenses can be just the thing for you. With us you will find a variety of different coloured lenses in different patterns and shades. So you can create your new look at will and suit your clothes.

Colored contact lenses - for what occasions?

Colored contact lenses in natural colors are beautiful, discreet and not too intrusive. So you can wear them inconspicuously in everyday life and at work. Especially when you find your own eye colour somewhat boring, coloured lenses can become your daily companions. Colour contact lenses are also very exciting if you want to change your appearance a bit when going out in the evening, for example. For example, do you like to wear a new hair color to temporarily change your natural hair color? You can achieve the same effect with coloured contact lenses. With just a few simple steps, for example, you can temporarily change from a brown-eyed, dark-haired beauty to a cool blonde with blue eyes.

What makes coloured contact lenses so special?

While conventional lenses are transparent, coloured contact lenses are tinted. The coloration runs exclusively along the iris so that vision is not disturbed. The exact colour you wear depends on your own eye colour. A blue, for example, looks particularly rich and intense with brown eyes, while it appears much brighter with green eyes. The ability to change one's eye colour easily and temporarily is also one reason why contact lenses are sometimes used by people without ametropia. You can also get your contact lenses from us without any visual acuity.

Which coloured lenses do you want?

Perhaps you are still undecided which coloured contact lenses suit you best? Here are a few impressions for you to read: Basically, you can assume that brown lenses appear particularly warm and perhaps even "fiery". They harmonize with make-up in brown or pastel shades. Blue eyes are bright, but can also be cool and elegant. They go well with blue and berry eye shadow tones. Green eyes are mysterious and can remind you of the look of a cat. Golden and green tones go well with them.

Buy coloured lenses for less

Are you looking for coloured contact lenses at reasonable prices? Then you have come to the right place! In the color lenses shop you will find a huge and interesting selection of contact lenses in beautiful and extraordinary colors, with which you can customize your appearance. With convincing prices they invite you to test and try them out. We are looking forward to your order!