Scary Vampire

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With aricona contact lenses, you will only receive annual lenses of high quality.

Vampires have always exerted an irresistible attraction on humans. Become one of these immortal beings for a few hours - with the red vampire contact lenses you will be the eye-catcher no matter where you are. Glowing red glows the blood lust in your gaze and your eye contact casts a spell over everyone. As an accessory for the Halloween costume or for the theme party, the soft and starchless vampire contact lenses are perfect. The lenses in red with a black rim are ideal for the transformation into a bloodsucker and are comfortable to wear in the eyes thanks to their high-quality workmanship.

Scary Vampire contact lenses are suitable for:

  • light and dark eye colours
  • monsters, demons
  • Dracula Costumes
  • Vampires of the Volturi Clan
  • Vampire Countess costumes
  • Twilight Characters
  • witches, sorcerers

Special features:

  • Aricona Scary Vampire Halloween Horror Lens dips your eyes in a blood red color. It has a black strikingly designed border that enhances the effect of the beguiling. The special effect lens is ideal for a vampire costume. You can wear our 12-month lenses several times a year at various events. Colour contact lenses let you become the figure of your dreams, guarantee full attention and are an eye-catcher at every event.
  • For bloodsucking night creatures like vampires and demons, Twilight or Vampire Diaries fans and other pale bloodsuckers, this horror Halloween contact lens is the perfect accessory for a perfect transformation into a figure from the realm of the dead. With this creepy red colored lens, you're sure to get the attention of your fellow Halloween partygoers. Become a lifelike vampire countess or an eerily beautiful bloodsucker. Scary vampire lenses make it possible
  • Aricona Fun contact lenses are perfect to complete your disguise into a full body costume. The high quality aricona contact lenses ensure a particularly pleasant wearing comfort. At aricona you will find the right contact lens for every occasion from a huge selection of different patterns, shapes, colours and effects.
  • 100 % soft, colour intensive annual contact lenses in high quality for a strong colour change of your own eye colour - For dark and light eyes, also covers brown and black eye colours

product features:

  • Diameter/DIA Value: 14.20 mm
  • radius of curvature/B.C: 8.60°
  • Water content: 42%.
  • strength/diopters: 0.00
  • Useful life: 12 months

Scope of delivery:

  • 2 pieces (1 pair) 12-month contact lenses (58% polyhema, 42% water) without diopters (without vision correction)
  • Detailed supplement with all important information with instructions for first use and explanation for inserting the lenses

The eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of the body. We therefore recommend a tolerance test and regular eye and contact lens checks by your ophthalmologist before the first application.

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