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White Halloween Lenses: NEW: DAILY LENSES - Lenses for one-time use - 

We Love Your Eyes - aricona Contact Lenses

aricona Contact Lenses embody quality, brand popularity, and unique designs. With our extensive range of contact lenses, we unveil the enchanting world of colored lenses.

Join the multitude of satisfied customers who have already embraced our popular contact lenses.

Our name is synonymous with reliable quality, as we make no compromises when it comes to contact lenses. Eyes are among the most sensitive organs of the body, which is why at aricona, we offer only the highest quality products.

Eyes are among the most sensitive organs of the body. Therefore, we recommend a compatibility test before initial use and regular eye and contact lens check-ups by your eye specialist.

White Special Effect Contact Lenses with Grid Structure

Looking to impress with a lifelike zombie costume? These white zombie contact lenses with a grid pattern are an absolute must-have.

Colored contact lenses without prescription transform you into a completely different being within seconds.

White contact lenses with special effects for your spookiest Halloween costume ever.

aricona Contact Lenses - Convincing Quality and Maximum Fun Factor

NEW: DAILY LENSES – Disposable Daily Lenses

Product Features:

  • Diameter / DIA Value: 14.00 mm
  • Radius of Curvature / B.C: 8.60°
  • Water Content: 42%
  • Material: Terpolymer
  • Power / Diopter: 0.00
  • Duration of Use: 1 day

Contents of One Pack:

  • 2 pieces of daily lenses
  • Comprehensive instructions containing all essential information and guidelines for inserting the lenses


Each pack contains two sterile, hydrophilic, colored contact lenses made from 58% hydrogel terpolymer and 42% water, all within a buffered saline solution.

Important Note:

Eyes are among the most sensitive organs of the body. Therefore, we recommend conducting a compatibility test before the initial use and regularly having your eyes and the contact lenses checked by an eye specialist.

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