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NEW: DAILY LENSES - Lenses for one-time use - White Halloween Lenses

Product features: 

  • Diameter / DIA value: 14.00 mm
  • Radius of curvature / B.C: 8.60°
  • Water content: 42 %
  • Material: Terpolymer 
  • Power / Diopter: 0.00
  • Duration of use: 1 day

Contents of one pack:

  • 2 pieces daily white halloween lenses 
  • Detailed instructions for use with all important information with instructions and explanation on how to insert the lenses

Composition: Pack contains two sterile, hydrophilic, coloured contact lenses made of 58% hydrogel terpolymer, 42% water in a buffered saline solution.

The eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of the body. We therefore recommend a compatibility test before first use and a regular check of the eyes and the contact lenses by your ophthalmologist.

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