The Dark Lord

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With aricona contact lenses, you will only receive annual lenses of high quality.

With Dark Lord contact lenses you look especially scary. Become the ruler of the night and spread terror and fear wherever you go. In combination with the matching costume, you will create goose bumps and the need to get to safety quickly with a single glance. Red and black are the Dark Lord contact lenses - they give the impression of blood thirst and provide effective shock moments. Your outfit is the highlight of any costume party and those who dare to come near you will not be able to take their eyes off you.

Dark Lord contact lenses are suitable for:

  • light and dark eye colours
  • also cover dark eye colours
  • Jigsaw Costume
  • Monster, Demon Costume
  • witch costume
  • Devil costume, Devil
  • a dark lord
  • Cosplay costume:
  • Daredevil Cosplay
  • Sasuke Uchiha
  • Hellraiser costume
  • Demon Cosplay
  • Scary Doll, Creepy Cute Doll
  • Horror dolls like Annabelle
  • vampire costume, twilight characters
  • a member of the Volturi Clan
  • Count Dracula costume
  • dark riders, black powers
  • Dark Angel Looks
  • anime & manga characters, comic characters
  • Ninja Warrior
  • Day of the Dead Costume
  • Clown, Harlequin costume
  • Joker costume

Special features:

  • Black contact lenses from aricona for your Horror Halloween costume. With these Halloween contact lenses you will be the star at the next costume party and teach your fellow men to fear. The Horror Contact Lenses go with a Jigsaw costume, Daredevil and Hellraiser costume. With the Demon Contact Lenses you will succeed impressively in a witch costume or a demon costume
  • Colored contact lenses without strength complete your horror doll costume and you are on the Day of the Dead a lifelike figure as from a horror movie. Coloured lenses let you become the figure of your dreams, guarantee full attention and are an eye-catcher at every event. Complete your transformation into a gruesome monster with the black horror lenses, your Count Dracula costume will be the eye catcher on Halloween
  • A Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay costume or Ninja costume will be perfect with the black annual lenses. Also for a Harlequin costume, Clown and Joker costume the black color contact lenses prove themselves. Black eyes are mysterious and fascinating. With these creepy contact lenses you will become a creepy Volturi vampire or your favorite Twilight character
  • Soft annual contact lenses in very high quality suitable for dark and light eyes. The high quality aricona contact lenses ensure a particularly pleasant wearing comfort. Effective for a carnival costume, fancy dress costume, anime costume or manga costume. Aricona is your brand for coloured contact lenses
  • Quality contact lenses made in Korea. Produced in a multi-layer sandwich process for optimal colouring

product features:

  • Diameter / DIA value: 14.20 mm
  • radius of curvature / B.C: 8.60°
  • Water content: 42%.
  • Material: Polyhema
  • Material property: soft
  • strength / dioptres: 0.00
  • Useful life: 12 months

Scope of delivery:

  • 2 pieces (1 pair) 12-month contact lenses without power
  • Detailed supplement with all important information with instructions for first use and explanation for inserting the lenses

The eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of the body. We therefore recommend a tolerance test and regular eye and contact lens checks by your ophthalmologist before the first application.

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